Class Actions


As one of the most successful plaintiff’s law firms in the United States, we have a proven track record of success, and will fight hard for you in your class action law suit. A class action law suit allows one person, or a small number of people, to be represented by a law firm and sue on behalf of many people with similar interests. A class action law suit is an extremely powerful weapon that individuals can use to enforce the law against both corporations and governmental agencies. Class actions are frequently the most effective method of obtaining justice for victims of illegal conduct by corporations and government agencies. There is strength in numbers, and while individuals alone have little power over corporations and the government, individuals banding together in large enough numbers can level the playing field, and hold corporations and the government accountable for their illegal activities.

There are several requirements which must be met prior to bringing a law suit as a class action:

· Numbers – There must be enough people impacted by the illegal practice to make it not practical for them to join together in a normal law suit;

· Commonality – The affected people must have claims involving common legal and factual issues, making it efficient to deal with all claims together;

· Typicality – The claims of the people bringing the class action (that is, the representative plaintiffs) must share the same claims and defenses as the larger class of claimants; and

· Adequacy of Representation – Those people bringing the class action and the class lawyers must be willing and able to represent the interests of the entire class. Although the main focus here is on the lawyers’ competency, courts look at the people bringing the class action.

A court must certify the class for the lawsuit to go forward as a class action, and does so if the above requirements are satisfied.

We take class action cases on a contingency fee basis, so we do not get paid unless, and until, you get paid. Our fee is tied to the benefit obtained for the class.

If you think that you have a potential class action case, please contact Mr. William H. Bode, Esq. at 202-862-4300 or at He can advise you as to whether filing a class action case or an individual law suit is best in your particular situation.